Clarity Begins at Home...
Clarity Begins at Home...

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Drop In Hearing Clinics In Somerset

Diamond Hearing Services are one of the leading providers of free hearing tests in Somerset.


With a combined total of more than 50 years as professional audiologists, our team has the expert knowledge to be able to diagnose all types of hearing loss problems. We have linked up with prominent businesses in Bath, Clevedon and Radstock, making our drop-in clinics easily accessible to most people in the county.


Our consultations typically take around an hour, and are designed to precisely assess the highest and lowest frequencies that your ears can pick up. Sound waves travel down the ear canal, resonating against your eardrums. If you have trouble hearing speech, TV, or the radio, it could very easily be something as simple as a build-up of earwax acting as a plug and inhibiting the range of sounds you can hear clearly.


However, effective and discreet solutions are also available for more complex loss of hearing diagnoses. If necessary, we can offer completely impartial advice on the most suitable models of digital hearing aids to help solve your issues, regain full clarity and potentially transform your quality of life.


We have built up a great relationship with all the main hearing aid manufacturers over the years, and are confident that if you do need the assistance of their devices, we can provide them at the best possible price.


Our screenings are dedicated to improving the hearing of anyone in Somerset who needs it – best of all, the test won't cost you a penny, and any insights we share are done on a no obligation basis. Of course, we can also refer you to your GP or an ENT specialist if there is an underlying issue elsewhere which is affecting what you can hear.


If mobility or the location of our test centres are an issue, then please contact us directly and we will arrange a completely free hearing test in the comfort of your own home anywhere in the county.


To book your free hearing test, simply pop in to or call one of the branches of our partners in Bath or Clevedon below to make a appointment. You can also book online by emailing us at


Alternatively, you can call us directly to arrange your test on 07779 027 773 (Rob Iles) or 07971 876 627 (Richard Walsh).


Assured Mobility Shop

105 Midford Road

Combe Down, Bath



Tel: (01225) 831 960


Better Mobility
11 Station Rd
BS21 6NH
Tel: (01275) 342977




Lovat Short Optometrists

2 The Street




Tel: (01761) 432169










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