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Hearing Aids start from £695

Welcome to Diamond Hearing Services, your trusted partner in providing premium hearing aids tailored to your needs. We understand the importance of affordable, high-quality hearing aids tailored to your needs. Our extensive range of hearing aids starts from just £695, ensuring accessibility to high-quality solutions for all. For further details on all available hearing aid prices and products see our hearing aids page.

Aftercare and support

Diamond Hearing Services doesn’t just offer products; we provide comprehensive aftercare to ensure optimal performance and customer satisfaction. Our aftercare includes:

  • Regular hearing assessments.
  • Adjustments and maintenance.
  • Cleaning and servicing.

Understanding the type of hearing loss is crucial in selecting the right hearing aid. Our audiologists specialise in addressing various forms of hearing impairment. We’re committed to your hearing health journey beyond the purchase.

Expert consultation

Ready to discover the perfect hearing aid solution? At Diamond Hearing Services, we offer a selection of leading hearing aid brands renowned for their innovation and effectiveness. If you are interested in any of the hearing aids available, please contact Diamond Hearing Services Ltd.

Oticon People First
Widex High Def Hearing
ReSound GN
Phonak Life Is On