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Clarity Begins at Home...

Digital Hearing Aids & Free Hearing Tests In The South & South West

"I wholeheartedly recommend Diamond Hearing Services,

my only regret is that I hadn't contacted them a few years ago!"

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Diamond Hearing Services is one of the South and South West's leading independent providers of free hearing tests and digital hearing aid suppliers.


Based in Wiltshire, but also covering the area around the M4/M5 corridor in Bristol, Somerset, Gloucestershire, South Wales and Oxfordshire, we have a combined total of around 75 years' experience as professional audiologists, and are the local experts when it comes to tackling hearing loss and regaining clarity.


Our catalogue of digital hearing aids is always very competitively priced and uses the latest cutting edge technology from trusted brands and manufacturers such as:


  • Resound

  • Oticon

  • Unitron

  • Phonak

  • Widex

  • Bernafon

  • Siemens

  • Starkey


The change in hearing aids in recent years has been phenomenal, with modern, lightweight and discreet digital models effortlessly outperforming the sometimes awkward analogue hearing devices of the past. We provide almost every type of digital hearing aid on the market, from comfortable behind the ear aids to almost invisible in-the-canal receivers.


Digital hearing aids are usually equipped with sophisticated microchips which enable tiny alterations to be made so that you get precise levels of clarity required. Indeed, while they can be set to dampen out background noise, many contemporary designs automatically adjust their volume settings depending on the loudness of your surroundings.


The suitability of each hearing aid completely depends on your levels of hearing loss and the condition behind it, which is why if you need one, our completely free hearing tests make sure that you are matched with the perfect hearing aid for your specific needs. 


Appointments with Rob, Mark and Richard can be made either at one of the dozens of drop-in centres we have at branches of opticians and other outlets in towns and cities throughout the region. In fact, for for the ultimate in convenience, we can even give detailed demonstrations of our digital hearing aids free of charge for you from the comfort of your home.


These hearing health checks typically take less than an hour, with the consultation checking all aspects of your inner ears and potentially diagnosing any problems which are contributing to a loss of hearing. This is often down to wax blocking your ear canal, and we also have a painless earwax removal service.


We always strive to be entertaining as well as informative, so we love giving talks and presentations for groups, and have done so recently for the likes of the Royal British Legion, the Women's Institute and Probus among others. Again, these are totally free and without obligation.


We aim to improve the hearing of people with all levels of hearing loss, whether they be adults or children, and with a 60 days full money back guarantee policy, up to 5 year warranty, and unrivalled free aftercare, we believe that Diamond Hearing Services give the best hearing assistance in the South and South West.


To book your appointment, call us today on 07779 027 773 (Rob), 07971 876 627 (Richard).



Best Hearing Aid Providers

Best Hearing Aid Providers Overview from Which? (As at 2015)


We've surveyed just over 400 Which? members who have bought a hearing aid in the past three years to find out about their buying experiences from high street retailers in the UK, including Boots, Hearing Care, Amplifon, Specsavers Hearcare and Hidden Hearing.


Based on the results, we've created unique customer scores and ratings. You can see customer scores for all major brands in the table below, as well as star ratings for other factors, such as level of service, knowledge of staff and pricing.


Overall, 8% of Which? members say they have hearing loss but a further 17% say they suffer hearing loss but haven't done anything about it. 

See below, how customers rate private hearing aid retailers, such as ourselves:

What Are People Saying About Us?

After many years of gradual hearing loss, difficulty in restaurants, television volume turned up and my wife getting fed up with repeating herself, I had to face up to the fact that I needed help. I read the Which?® review of hearing aid providers which rated local independents more highly than the big chains in terms of quality of service and price. Within two weeks, Diamond Hearing Services had assessed my hearing in my own house and two weeks later fitted my new aids. I had one further appointment for a minor adjustment. The service has been very professional and efficient leaving me with restored hearing.

I wholeheartedly recommend Diamond Hearing Services, my only regret is that I hadn't contacted them a few years ago!


I.S., Bristol

I have been very pleased with Richard’s expert and friendly help in finding me an Oticon More hearing aid. I am severely deaf and he has enabled me to hear the TV, telephone and everyday conversation much better than I have ever experienced with previous aids. I recommend Diamond Services without reservation. 


Mavis, Gloucestershire

I am writing this to thank you for the fabulous service that you have given my mother over the past couple of years. She is almost blind as well as hard of hearing, and the hearing aids you have provided for her have allowed her to participate so much more in the general activities of living. You fitted her with the most suitable hearing aids, which were not the most expensive available (despite me trying to persuade you in that direction!).


You explained at the time that aftercare was included, and since then, you have responded rapidly and willingly to several requests. Your professionalism, your attitude, your ethos and superb service has been exemplary. As a recently retired GP, I am only too aware that your high standards are something to be cherished, and I am pleased to recommend you to anyone who is thinking about having hearing aids or are dissatisfied with their current ones.


Dr M.C., Cambridge


We have received the hearing aid back, and I would just like to say a big thank you. It's working better than it ever was after some components were replaced, and my husband now doesn't need his neck loop indoors, which is fantastic news. Thank you again for all your help.


L.B., Gloucester


I have no reservations in whole heartedly recommending Diamond Hearing Services. Following much internet and review searching, I rang with great trepidation to request a home visit for my mother; a lady of 90 years plus who is profoundly deaf due to two punctured ear drums. She has had costly hearing aids some years ago that did not solve her problems, she then used NHS hearing aids which were a little better...


Making no promises of a miracle, Richard from DHS fitted 2 new digital hearing aids. Mum could hear all of what was said one-to-one, and most of what was said in group conversation. At her age this has significantly improved her feeling of isolation. Richard has recently visited again some 14 months after our first fitting.


He checked, adjusted and in a patient, professional manner supported mum in re-establishing the correct use of the aids following a set back due to a persistent ear infection (which had nothing to do with the hearing aids). I thank Richard and DHS for giving me peace of mind and my mother a degree of hearing we had not expected.


A.D., Gloucestershire

Thank you for supplying my new Resound Linx 3D9. This replacement pair is a step up from the older model!


I have found the new set very easy to adapt to with a noticeable improvement in all round sound. The new iPhone app is much easier to use with less need to move between screens. The 'graphic equaliser' style adjustment for bass middle and treble is a more familiar approach for anyone with a hi-fi and I prefer this to the older display.


The service from DHS Ltd was impeccable - friendly, knowledgeable and speedy.


I.S., Cornwall

Enormous thank you for the difference made to my hearing and life.

I have been to many concerts and carol services over the Christmas period and the quality of sound is simply amazing, and I cannot thank you enough!


Mrs. Stevens, Bath

I am very pleased that Richard came to improve my hearing. The hearing aids that that I have now are a lot better and cheaper than those I had previously from another firm. I would recomend Diamond Hearing Services to anyone.


Many thanks,


D.A., Hereford

We are delighted with our hearing aids and find the connection to the iPhone App to be superb. It’s particularly useful when we are skiing; my wife gives the instructor her microphone so that she can hear every word he says, even when racing down the slope (she also uses it to hear her 
Yoga/Pilates teacher clearly). 


D.C., Wiltshire

A note to explain about my experiences with you.


I did some simple research about hearing aids, and was taken aback on the size of the market. I had a particular need which narrowed the field, and although I did go to the high street, I wasn't totally satisfied.


An appointment was made with you, and I was put at ease about how approachable and helpful Richard was. I explained my predicament and came to a swift conclusion as to what I needed. A price was given, and while I knew this would not be cheap, I have not looked back. 


I have my life back.


All the best, and thank you.


P.M., Gloucestershire

I accessed Diamond Hearing Services (DHS) originally through the website. One of the Lead Audiologists for DHS contacted me literally within a few minutes of my request and arranged to meet at my home a few days later. 


I was quite surprised at the idea of a home appointment but it does work and works really conveniently and well! I cannot fault DHS for service efficiency throughout the process of assessing, providing and fitting new hearing aids. 


As a veteran of hearing aids I have found the Oticon Opn S1’s to be transformational in their complete absence of feedback and in the Bluetooth connection of my mobile phone sound directly into my hearing aids. Additionally even my wife acknowledges that I am asking her to repeat what she has said considerably less frequently than before!


Thanks again, and best wishes,


C.C., Wiltshire

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