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Free Hearing Tests in Gloucestershire

With free hearing tests available at several high street locations throughout Gloucestershire and the Costswolds, Diamond Hearing Services are proud to be one of the South West's leading independent audiologists and hearing aid suppliers.


We have a combined total of 75 years' experience in the industry, so our friendly and professional experts can diagnose and treat a wide range of issues which are behind a loss of hearing.


What happens at a hearing test?


Our free hearing consultations typically take less than an hour to complete.


We take a microscopic camera called an otoscope to take a closer look at the insides of both of your ears. It's totally painless and gives us an opportunity to examine the overall health of your ear canal, ear drum, and assess the levels of any earwax build up.


Then, using a piece of equipment called an audiometer, we play you a selection of beeps and tones through some noise cancelling headphones. All you have to do is press a button when you hear a sound. This gives us a good idea of the range of frequencies that your ears are capable of picking up and processing.


Like any other part of the body, the effectiveness of your ears can deteriorate over time. Around 15% of adults in the UK have some form of impaired hearing, and it's an invisible problem with a simple solution in most cases.



Will I need a hearing aid?


Not necessarily.


Many cases of hearing loss are due to ears being clogged up with earwax, which acts like a plug in a sink, and prevents sound waves from reaching the ear drum properly. That is usually solved by a referral to your local NHS clinic to have the wax removed by an ENT specialist.


Sometimes, though, the best solution will be a modern digital hearing aid. Thankfully, the clunky, old-fashioned beige ones have long been superseded by much more sophisticated models. Today's hearing aids have fully adjustable volume controls, are very easy to use and maintain, with some devices being discreet almost to the point of being invisible.


As Diamond Hearing Services are fully independent, we have built up great relationships with all the major manufacturers over the years, and can offer impartial, no obligation advice as to which types of hearing aid would most suit your situation.


We can give you a full detailed demonstration of how your model works, as well fitting it and giving tips on how best to keep it good condition. Our after care is second-to-none, so if any issues do occur with your digital hearing aids, we'll be right on hand to help.


Do you remove earwax?


Yes. We use the two most effective methods of earwax removal: microsuction and irrigation. 

Microsuction works like a miniature vacuum cleaner, specially adapted to remove problematic earwax. It is a safe and minimally invasive procedure, although if the build up of wax is too impacted, we may ask that you use ear drops for a day or two beforehand to soften the material.

Water irrigation, or syringing as it is commonly known, flushes blocked wax from your ear canal using water. It is a fast and painless way of cleaning your ears. 

Each of our earwax removal team operates their own business, working in partnership with Diamond Hearing Services.


Book your free hearing test in Gloucestershire


We offer our free hearing tests to the people of Gloucestershire at our drop-in clinics in Cheltenham, Cirencester, Gloucester and the Cotswolds.


If you suspect that you or one of your family members are experiencing hearing loss – having the TV on too loud, or struggling to fully hear conversations are often symptoms - then give one of our partners below a call to arrange an appointment.


You can also email, or give us a call directly:


Rob Iles: 07779 027 773
Richard Walsh: 07971 876 627


If you are in a part of the county where we don't have a drop-in centre or mobility is an issue, then we can still conduct a free home hearing test from the comfort of your own living room.

Assured Mobility Shop
1 Katherine Court
Salisbury Avenue
Warden Hill
GL51 3GA
(01242) 262 044



Cheltenham Medical Eye Centre
11 Regent Street
GL50 1HE
(01242) 221 442



The Mobility Store




GL54 2AR

01451 810 088



Assured Mobility Shop
Unit 2, Northway House
The Forum
(01285) 651 512




Assured Mobility Shop
Station Road
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