Diamond Hearing Services
Diamond Hearing Services
Clarity Begins at Home...
Clarity Begins at Home...

What our DHS Specialists Can Offer You


Finding the right solution for your hearing loss can be very confusing. It is important to choose the right professionals to look after your hearing healthcare for now and the years to come. So, if you're looking to enhance your hearing and overall hearing health you have come to the right place. Diamond Hearing Services Limited are experienced specialists in this field and look forward to meeting you.



How Much Does it Cost?


At Diamond Hearing Services we provide free, independent advice on all aspects of hearing and our dispensers are fully qualified and registered with the Health and Care Professions Council. Our service includes fitting, service and aftercare for the life of your aids.


All hearing instruments come with a 60 day full money back guarantee for your peace of mind and most are subject to a five year warranty. All hearing aids are true digital hearing aids from the original manufacturer; we do not supply rebranded digital hearing aids


Home Visits from DHS

A visit from your local DHS healthcare professional will benefit you by giving you a professional hearing evaluation, which is the first step you need to take if you suspect you have hearing loss. There is really no reason to wait, because a hearing test is quick, simple and completely painless. In fact in most cases, we can give you the results immediately after the test and advise you on how to rediscover your hearing. 

DHS Drop in clinics

Meet the professionals, Rob and Richard, founders of Diamond Hearing Services.

They will take you through a friendly and informative presentation, with others like yourself, including interesting demonstrations and live hearing evaluations. 


So come along to one of our lighthearted meetings or open days, where you can see first hand what we have to offer. Chose to sign up for a hearing test with no obligation. You will also have the opportunity to ask us any questions face to face and get the best advice from the experts. 

In House 

Diamond Hearing Services can be contacted via various shops in the South West of England.

Drop into a DHS clinic at a local shop near you to enquire within.

Our pricing is determined by the level of technology required to treat your hearing loss. See the chart below for more information:

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