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Clarity Begins at Home...

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Drop-in Hearing Clinics in Wiltshire

Hearing loss tends to happen slowly, and so you may not even notice it happening. There are some classic signs to look out for, though.


If you find you need to turn up the volume more than normal on the television or radio, or you feel as though the people you’re talking to are mumbling during a conversation, then a hearing evaluation can help to identify any problems.


Free hearing tests


We offer free hearing tests at high-street outlets across the county.


From our base in Chippenham, Diamond Hearing Services has established a reputation as one of the leading hearing healthcare providers in south-west England. Our professional audiologists, who together have amassed a combined total of around 75 years’ experience in the field, carry out the assessments.


You can visit The Mobility Store in Marlborough, Swindon and Wroughton; Silverthornes Opticians in Salisbury; or the Devizes branch of Assured Mobility.


What happens during a hearing test?


Our screenings typically take less than an hour, and are non-invasive and painless. They assess your ear health and, following an initial examination, we conduct simple tests to determine how well you can hear.


That includes using an audiometer to establish the pitches or tones your ears can pick up.


What do my hearing test results mean?


We discuss the outcome of your test with you, offering impartial advice on different treatment options if we discover a problem.


That may include a referral to your GP, an ENT (ear, nose and throat) specialist, or a recommendation for a further examination to diagnose accurately the cause of any issues.
As well as advising best practice on how to look after your ears, we can assist with a range of hearing loss ailments, including the fitting of a hearing aid.


Will I need a hearing aid?


It’s possible, but it depends on what is causing hearing loss. If you have a condition that a hearing aid will improve, then we can help.


As an approved hearing aid supplier, we show how the most suitable models – from cutting edge in-ear receivers, to discreet digital hearing aids – might assist with improving your quality of life.


Do you remove earwax?


Hearing loss, pain, or discomfort in your ear could be a signal of earwax build-up. We can help if that’s the case.


Each of our earwax removal experts runs their own business and works in partnership with Diamond Hearing Services. If you have concerns about a build-up of wax in your ears and want advice on how to remove it, then speak to one of our specialists today.


Arrange your free hearing test in Wiltshire


To book an appointment, visit one of our partner’s branches – their location details are below – or give them a call. 


If mobility is an issue, or it isn’t possible for you to travel to one of our drop-in clinics, we are happy to organise a home hearing test. We are flexible, and adjust our schedule to fit in with yours.


Have any questions? Call Rob Iles on 07779 027773, or email 


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