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Free hearing tests in Oxfordshire


Hearing loss is an invisible issue affecting one in every six adults in the UK.


If you find that you are struggling to follow conversations, or need to turn up the volume more than is normal on the television or radio, then a hearing assessment can identify the problem.


Diamond Hearing Services, your local audiology specialists, offers free hearing tests at three high-street outlets across the county. You can visit PB Conway Opticians in Oxford and Abingdon, while Campbells Opticians are our partners in Wantage.



What can I expect from a hearing test?


Our screenings are carried out by experienced audiologists who together have worked in the field for a combined total of more than half a century. The checks, which typically take less than an hour to complete, are non-invasive, comfortable and painless. They determine the range of sound frequencies your ears can pick up.


The first part of an evaluation uses a modern video microscope to do a close-up examination of your inner ear. It can reveal the extent of any earwax blockages, or damage to the eardrum or ear canal.


We introduce an audiometer during the second stage. It plays a series of distinct sounds through noise-cancelling headphones, establishing the depth of your hearing acuity.



How we interpret hearing test results


We discuss the outcome of your test with you, offering impartial advice on the range of treatment options if we discover an issue.


That includes a referral to your GP, an ENT (ear, nose and throat) specialist or a recommendation for a further examination to accurately diagnose the cause of any problems. We can assist with a range of hearing loss ailments, including the fitting of a digital hearing aid.



Will I need a hearing aid?


It’s possible, but depends on what is causing hearing loss.


It might be a build-up of earwax is blocking your ear canal, which prevents sound waves from reverberating properly on your eardrums. In those instances, removing the wax plug may clear things up - see our earwax removal page for more information.


If you have a condition which will be improved by a hearing aid, we can help. As a hearing aid supplier, we demonstrate how the most suitable models work. From cutting edge in-ear receivers to digital hearing aids that fit discreetly, the design and technology has progressed beyond all measure over the past couple of decades.


The days of bulky NHS-prescribed hearing aids are long gone. All modern styles are digital with adjustable volume control and significantly improved sound clarity.



Arrange your free hearing test in Oxford


To book an appointment, visit one of our partners' branches or call them on the numbers below. We adjust our schedule to fit in with yours.


If mobility is an issue, or it isn’t possible for you to get to one of our drop-in centres, call Rob Iles on 07779 027773 or email and we will be happy to organise a home hearing test instead.





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Campbell's Opticians
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