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Clarity Begins at Home...

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With one-in-six British adults experiencing some loss of hearing, it is a form of impairment which is largely hidden. However, the majority of people with hearing issues don't realise just how simple it can be to regain full clarity in the ears. Diamond Hearing Services is a team of audiology professionals who provide completely free hearing tests right here in Bristol.


With branches in Clifton, we can diagnose and successfully treat a wide range of hearing problems.



What Happens At A Hearing Test?


Hearing health checks are unobtrusive, comfortable and totally painless.


Typically taking less than an hour to complete, our hearing tests are designed to ascertain the range of sound frequencies that your ears can pick up. The first part of the assessment involves a series of beeps being played through noise-cancelling headphones. This gives us a great idea of the scope of any hearing issues.


The second stage uses a modern video microscope to make a close-up examination of your inner ear. This can reveal the extent of any ear wax blockages, or potentially any ear drum or ear canal damage.


We will discuss the results with you and can offer independent, fully impartial, no obligation advice on the most suitable paths for treatment if we detect any problems. This could involve a referral to your GP, an ENT specialist, or a more in-depth hearing test to accurately diagnose any underlying issues.



Will I Need Hearing Aids?


Not all forms of hearing loss will be resolved by fitting a digital hearing aid – ear wax can act as a plug and block out a lot of sound, for instance - but if it is the most appropriate course of action, then we will certainly be able to help.


With a combined total of more than five decades as audiologists, we have built up relationships with all the main hearing aid manufacturers, and can offer them at hugely competitive prices. We pride ourselves on offering the most suitable devices rather than the most expensive, and as well as giving you a detailed demonstration of how your model works, our after care is second to none. If you have any issues, just give us a call.


Forget about the bulky beige hearing aids from the 20th century, technology has moved on to such an extent in recent years that the smallest in-ear receivers are practically invisible, and even behind the ear loops are made with total discretion in mind.


The benefits of digital hearing aids can be huge, and as well as improving your hearing they can transform your quality of life.


Do You Remove Ear Wax?


Yes. We use the two most effective methods of ear wax removal: microsuction and irrigation. 

Microsuction works like a miniature vacuum cleaner, specially adapted to remove problematic ear wax. It is a safe and minimally invasive procedure, although if the build up of wax is too impacted, we may ask that you use ear drops for a day or two beforehand to soften the material.

Water irrigation, or syringing as it is commonly known, flushes blocked wax from your ear canal using water. It is a fast and painless way of cleaning your ears. 

Each of our ear wax removal experts operates their own business, working in partnership with Diamond Hearing Services.



Booking Your Free Hearing Test


There are a number of ways that you can book for your free hearing appointment in Bristol. You can either book in person at your local drop-in centre, call them on the phone numbers below, or by giving us a call directly:


Richard Walsh: 07971 876 627

Rob Iles: 07779 027 773


You can also book online email us at to make arrangements.


If mobility is an issue, we can even visit you and conduct a full hearing test from the comfort of your own home.

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